Friday, April 30, 2010

An Open Letter: I Don't Want to Play This Anymore (Peace Out)

Note: A short while ago, I wrote a post about unfinished business with an old flame of sorts, Juan. We always seemed to play a game: we would be hot and heavy, cool off and then ice cold. We repeated this cycle twice before we went flat, likely due to the fact that he found someone else to strike his fancy. However, it seems like I went back down memory lane last night when he sent me a text message  asking me to swing by his housewarming party this weekend. 

Now, given all of the drama and the little communication we've had over the last two years, I'd say that all he was looking for was a good time. So, this is an obvious NO for me. However, in honor of Honesty Day, I'll be truthful with my feelings by writing what I would say if I felt it was important to tell him how I feel. Besides, I'm overdue for one of these and they seem to do the trick... Here goes...

Dear Juan,

I received your text invite which came as a total surprise. I'm sure your first party in your new condo will be a lot of fun this weekend with great food, drinks and people because you know how to have a good time. So that's why it shouldn't be too big of a deal when I tell you I won't be there.

Now, I'm sure you're groaning, because let's face it -- with an invite sent via text just 48 hours before the big event, you were hoping to have your "after party" fun in the bag. And, it was sweet that you apologized over being MIA (well, not really but thanks for acknowledging it). I mean, heck. A text? Geez! We do have a couple of years to make up for! And, I'm willing to guess that whichever "Lady Friend" you wanted to have there declined. So now you contact me as a back-up because you're so sure I'll be thrilled at the chance to just see the condo you've been living in for at least four months, even if I will be with a bunch of people I don't know in a part of town I know less about.

And this is about more than a simple party. Give me a little credit! I just think we should just be real with ourselves and each other and simply call this game between us "over." Were either one of us really getting anything out of it besides the very random and occasional good time? Not really. So, why should we pretend?

Truth is, I just don't want to play anymore. The chase has gotten pretty dry and to be really honest, if I can't get anything out of it (not even a little more playtime), then it's pointless.

But of course, no big deal. You'll forget all about this and the weekend will be a breeze for you because it always is.

So, Happy Housewarming! And, if we ever have the strange opportunity to run into each other (like that'll happen), feel free to wave. I mean, we DID have our moments, too -- when we did happen to be in the same room. I'll give you that much. But that's all you're getting now. :-) 


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