Friday, March 26, 2010

The RD's Dating Lexicon: Entry #001

Note: Starting today and moving forward on Fridays, I'll be posting a new "words" related to dating, as a type of dating dictionary. Words will include slang names for men and/or women, alternative names for hooking up, different stages of dating and so forth. Some of these will be old familiar ones  you know, some will be yanked strictly from my head and others can be comprised of terms or topics you share with me. And, when applicable, I'll also link to mine and other bloggers whose posts may serve as models of said term of the day. (Today I'll include two, based on some of my recent posts and/or men in my life.)
Resume Man (noun): Refers to a male dating prospect that has impressive credentials such as education or career that look good on paper, much like someone interviewing for a job. 

* In a sentence: When it comes down to dating, Betty often prefers a resume man, the type she thinks her mother would like.

Wifey (noun): Another name for a woman with long-term or marriage potential.  

* In a sentence: Tony's told me on numerous occasions that he thinks of her as wifey; she's the one.
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