Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crosstown Hook Ups

Earlier this week, I got a text message from the Casanova, who has consistently bobbed in and weaved out of my life. It's been that way since I met him nearly four years ago. But, since I thought he was so hot, I let it go. Besides, you never know when you need someone to just "fill in." 

Anyway, when I sent him a reply to acknowledge the message, he then proceeded to launch into our usual exchange -- trying to get me over to his place to pick up where we left off. I quickly responded, letting him know if he wanted to see me, he would of course, need to try to make it happen: come to me, pick me up (like I used to with him when we hooked up a while back), whatever.

In all honesty, while I've entertained the idea of seeing him (Heck, everyone has weaknesses!) what's kept me away is actually going out there. Then I don't know... I suddenly lose interest.

Don't get it wrong. I'm not typically lazy. And there lots of times I like going over to the guy's place: if we're dating or there's some type of continuity between us... Just something that would indicate another level of familiarity or intimacy. That way, I don't feel quite so seedy leaving in the morning. Granted, guys may not care about this as much. But for me, as a woman, I have to say that leaving a guy's place whom I'll only see once in a blue moon doesn't always feel very great. In fact, it's kind of empty. 

Needless to say we didn't make it work. Which was OK with me. That was when I realized that one of the reasons we'll likely never work out is because neither one of us has been willing to make an effort to actually spend time with each other. Truth is, as hot as he is, since what we have seems to be primarily superficial, I'm not all that invested. So, spending $40 in cabs to see him wouldn't exactly be on my list of priorities. On the other hand, for a man that I see more than once in a while (and makes an effort to see me), then I'd be willing to go out of my way to another part of town -- without being in a rush to split or maybe spend a little more time enjoying his company.

Of course, this is all different than when you're in it for the one-nighter. Then we're talking a whole different ballgame.

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