Thursday, March 25, 2010

Being Single: Stigma or Blessing? Depends...

Q: Is it a bad thing to be single?
A: It depends on who you talk to.

I know that in the last few years of my life, I've spent a majority of it being single, with a lot of it by choice. Truth is, when I make myself available, dating comes somewhat easily. However, honestly, being single has had it challenges such as: (but not limited t0)
- Dateless nights
- No permanent cuddle buddy (especially a bummer for cold Chicago winters)
- Fostering bouts or moments of insecurity

And then there are the benefits, such as: (but not limited t0)
- Freedom of moving at your leisure
- The ability to "shop" for who you want
- Having time for yourself

Either way, I've remembered one main thing: that when it's going to happen, all the elements will come together the way they should at that moment.

Anyway, it's this same topic that The Frisky is tackling today. Check out the post: Social Stigma For Single Women | The Frisky

I mean, what do you think?

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