Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Single Heart's Manifesto to Cupid

Note: So what, pray tell, is a relationship blog without a Valentine's Day post? Although it may be cliche, it's kind of a mandate, I'm sure of it.

I just got back from a very brief excursion out on the town, only to realize just how many singles there are out there, with many of them looking for the possibility of love. Honestly, maybe I assumed more of the world was paired up, but a being out tonight quickly told me otherwise. All the anti-Valentine's Day pub crawlers... And all those eager souls, hanging on to a glimmer of hope that they can find someone who can help them forget even for a moment that they're single...

In any event, I've decided to take advantage of this "holiday" to pay tribute to the very emotion at the heart of it -- the one that has been the inspiration for some of the best music ever recorded, at the core of some of history's greatest stories, at the root of some of Hollywood's most fascinating tales (on and off screen) and is the center of what many bloggers like me are ultimately trying to dissect: LOVE.

My way of doing this? Writing a manifesto -- or my declaration -- to Cupid. Hope he's paying attention. And hope you enjoy!

A Single Heart's Manifesto to Cupid

I, being of sound Mind & Heart do declare that:
  1. I am a single woman
  2. I am open to finding someone with long-term potential
  3. I have had experiences in love that have impacted some of the choices I've made
  4. I will not use previous relationships as a "yardstick" to evaluate current or future dating prospects
  5. I will not try to make a dating prospect something they're not
  6. I will allow myself to be pleasantly surprised
  7. I will not make an attempt to minimize something when it's going well
  8. I will manage my own expectations and not build someone up to be what they're not
  9. I intend to view my single status (while I am single) as an opportunity to enjoy myself while taking the time to find someone deserving of me
  10. My single status is not absolute and can change at any time. That at any point, should I choose to be open to it, I can allow myself the chance to trust and be with someone who can bring out the best in me
Yours Truly,
The RD

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