Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Open Letter: Love You Like a Brother

Preface: How do you break it to someone when you're not into them? Truth is, it's never easy. And we deal with it all sorts of ways... Sometimes we run, sometimes we dance around the truth and sometimes we're brutal. But, how about just being honest?

Novel concept, I know. But, it's this very situation happening to one of my girlfriends, Marisol. So, for this post, I took an attempt at writing a letter that would gently break the news to a guy.

I'm all about softening the blow, diplomacy, blah, blah... But that's just me.

So with that said, here goes nothin':
"Hey you,

I don't know how to tell you how awesome I think you are. Seriously. We've been close from the start, and it's only grown since then to be this solid friendship for me -- a friendship with someone I genuinely respect, admire and appreciate in my life.

Knowing you the way that I do, I've realized that I love what we have now and that it's for me to see you outside of that.

Even as I say this, it's hard because I know things have gotten complicated. But, hoping you can trust our relationship -- I want you to know it's the best way for me to let you know how I'm feeling. But I'm also loving the idea of a drink or dinner, too. Let's talk soon?


I know it sounds like dancing around the issue... It always does. But somewhere you need to reaffirm a friendship. And if you're friends, you'll make it through...

After the whole weirdness thing clears up, of course.


  1. The truth always works best, like you said. I'm questioning the soft blow. A guy will see right through it, especially if his ego is bruised. Why not just tell him the truth like you said? I would appreciate the truth because that's what will build the foundation to the friendship. If you give me a song and dance I won't trust you to tell me the truth in the future and I won't want to be your friend. I'm sure he's a big boy and will survive -- I don't believe he needs protecting. :)

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