Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Love of the Drama

In the world of dating, when one door closes, another one often opens rather quickly. Now, usually, that's a good thing.

Operative term there is "usually." And, while we know the logical thing to do when it comes to our dating lives (i.e. when to say yes or no, what people we should let into our lives or when we should stay away from someone with baggage), we as people ultimately like to get at least a little close to the fire -- for the thrill if nothing else.

Granted, I think this skews heavily female. But based on the whirlwind week, and my tendency to revisit my past every so often (during dry spells or just because), I'd wager to say that even I have an occasional taste for the drama... Just getting at least a little close to things... Thinking it may be fun.

See, since Jackson, I've somehow managed to get myself into a mess of attention, some of which I'm not helping by fanning the flames just a bit. I'd have to call this a case of "When-It-Rains-It-Pours" Syndrome. What this taste of drama has looked like for me this week?
  • An old flame, Juan (who I've mentioned here and here), has somehow decided he doesn't completely out of my life -- or he wants to keep playing our games -- by reaching back out to have me over to his new place. He's been thinking about me, he says. Can't wait to see me, he says. Verdict? Yeah, skeptical. Been down this road. It sucks that he's so cute, though.
  • Vincent decides to profess his love for me. Oh, and that he's still hellbent on being together. Verdict says here that this could get so very intense. Once it sounded like it was a nice idea... But I don't know that I'm headed down that road yet -- or, not with him...
  • I meet a very handsome guy while out on the town, Matt. He's flirting, things seem light and fun... And then he tells me he has a girlfriend. Sigh. Much like a night I've experienced before.
  • And then there's Jackson. Yes, Yes, I know... And as luck would have it, things didn't go as he planned. So he called. Was he trying to win me back? No. But, he seemed to want to close the loop, and have us evolve into something -- if I wanted. Truth here is that he'd still been on my mind... And I'm not opposed to that idea at all. Mind you -- not too keen on being a second fiddle. But, well, maybe it's OK to take a chance. After all, he didn't need to find me.
I mean, I'm not the only one. I mean, I can tell you that many of my girls (Marisol and Caroline included) seem to end up in tricky little hurdles that require a bit of "management" -- a guy that's too young, or a guy that likes her too much (YES that is a problem) or a guy with too much baggage... Ugh.

But it's the drama. And it makes things a little exciting -- sometimes.

What can we say about the drama situation? Not sure. But my theory is I'll totally be over it the second I fall pretty hard for a guy.

Now, just waiting for that to happen....

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