Sunday, February 21, 2010

Age: Isn't It Just a Number?

So, for the longest time, I've had a hang up about dating men younger than I am. Sounds stereotypical and cliche, but truth is, I prefer my men with a bit of life experience, a little established, and with some type of focus or ambition. And, if past precedence is anything to go by, men my age (mid/late 20s) and younger don't seem to have these things quite as developed -- or aren't focused in quite the same way. At least my odds are better when a man is a touch older than I am. Theoretically speaking, of course.

Anyway, I say this speaking from personal preferences -- of course, understanding that there may be several arguments to the contrary.  And, I've had my fair share of men who contradict what I've just said (The Casanova, for one). However, generally it's a rule of thumb I tend to apply, making case-by-case exceptions based on the man and the circumstances (Heck, the months of difference between Jackson and myself makes me kooky).

Well, this is the same issue that has caused me to poke a little fun at Marisol lately. A couple of weeks back, she met a good looking young man, Marcus. And since then she's been like a giddy schoolgirl. It's actually all quite adorable. But the clincher here? He is six years her junior. 

This isn't a huge gap in most cases. But in the 20s? I'd say it's noteworthy. If I think about what I knew just coming out of college and now... I've learned lots more since then. I'd also say that my behavior and social habits have changed on many levels. Overall, many differences. 

So that's why it's hard for me to fathom. However, Marisol's happy. It's genuine... And regardless of whether this situation works or not, I think the whole happiness thing would be the strongest argument. She's happy, and Marcus is helping with that. What more could you need?

I mean, would you rule out someone that makes you happy just because of a "chronology error"? (Of course I use this term very loosely)

As for me? I'm not sure. He'd have to be a heck of a guy... :-) 

Image Credit: Flickr by aknace


  1. You never know who will be the the one for you... so we should all be open and give people a chance :-)

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