Sunday, January 31, 2010

Take Love Slowly

"...We don't have to rush the night away... There's always going to be another day...A time to make love and a time to play... What I'm trying to say, take love slowly..."
- Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly), K-Ci & JoJo

What do you do when you meet someone and the chemistry is instant? Do you run with it, or do you wait?

Now this conversation is probably as old as time, and has been discussed often (my personal fave? Single City Guy's post on the 90 Day Rule). However, it's been a long while since I've actually had to put it to the test, which is exactly what happened tonight.

This past Friday, while out with my colleagues, I met an incredibly good looking guy, Jackson. When he approached me, I had no idea I was the target, but I was certainly pleased when he asked for my number. We spoke the following day, and made plans to go out tonight.

I was nervous about what to expect, and a small part of me didn't really expect anything to come out of it. However, our fluid conversation and clear physical chemistry made it apparent that there was potential. And I was totally into it.

Anyway, we went out for coffee later, when we were very playful and romantically flirting with each other. The vibe was electric and I knew that I was feeling it bubble up inside.

As the night progressed, we talked about the idea of what would come next... And I told him flat out that if he were into hooking up only, he should just level with me -- after all, it would save us a lot of time to not play that game. He responded that it was because he was into me that he would go against what he was feeling and would hold back while we figured it all out.

While headed home, I thought about the night, and about Jackson, realizing that while I felt the fire, I realized I was happy that we pulled the breaks on it. Many a time, I've made the mistake of riding the chemistry wave only to have it blow up in my face.

But this time it's looking good... Because for now, he seems to want to play it patient. And that's feeling nice. Treading lightly though -- in case this is game of its own. And not trying to be bound by overly traditional rules. Actually, trying something new and making them up as I go. (**Smile**)

Who knows where this will go? Juggling a lot in my life, but right now, I'm riding out the patience wave... And hopefully that'll lead to the fire I've wanted.


  1. Yay---I can't wait to hear more about Jackson! It's always the best route to act according to your gut. Great post.

  2. Thanks! And thing is, I thought it was good. Then it wasn't... Now it looks like the situation isn't over. Sigh!