Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Embrace

The feeling of a new year always brings out the magic of expectation in people. By setting one's personal resolutions, it can mark the chance to start over, and put behind any drama of the previous year. Seems rather ideal in general, but especially if you're looking to make a fresh start when it comes to matters of the heart.

Anyway, like most of the world, last night I was out celebrating the hopes of 2010 while drinking 2009 away at an upscale sports bar in a trendy part of Chicago. I'd hit a lot of bumps in my road to romance in '09 and I wanted to party my way into the new year. Plus, I thought that just maybe there would be an opportunity to land a nice kiss from a hot stranger. Well, maybe.

You see, in the 20-some-odd years I've been in the dating world, I have not had the "fortune" of kissing anyone at midnight. Now, while this hasn't always bothered me, I'd recently become obsessed with WHY people kiss at midnight. That's when I turned to my trusty Wikipedia to find out the origins of the New Year's Kiss -- seems that failing to kiss someone can mean loneliness in the new year.

So when I was out last night, I admit that tale was on the brain... But by the end of the night (and several failed attempts by an especially sketchy guy to take me home) I realized I'd much rather wait a bit for my first real embrace of the year, while keeping the faith that the new year has only the best and most colorful romantic adventures in store for me.

Bring it, 2010. I'm ready.

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