Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Five Tips to Surviving Those Holiday Desires

What is it about the holiday that just brings up the overwhelming desire for companionship? Maybe it's the snow... Maybe it's the cold... Or maybe, it's just the season of togetherness and the desire to embrace others. Whatever it is, it can easily cause relapse into old habits or mates that are not good for you -- and one that should be controlled as much as possible so as not to do anything you'll regret.

So, in the experiences I've gathered along the way, I've put together some of my favorite tips on how to deal if you're single and trying to behave a little.

And if you don't see one you would recommend, then send that along, too! Would love to post them.

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5 Tips to Surviving Those Holiday Desires
(In no particular order)

1. Invest in a cuddly soft product: One of the best ways to avoid the desire to need a "cuddle buddy" is to grab a cozy Snuggie or a body pillow -- something that you can curl up with on the couch or in bed. You can also consider a pet, although the other items require a little less maintenance.

2. Avoid romance novels, movies, whatever: There tends to be a LOT of these on TV, and I know it's hard to watch, but the love stories contribute to the desire to cuddle. Try action or family fun... Anything that can slow the need for a little sexual craving.

3. Stay Active: Keeping busy and in motion helps a great deal to keep your mind off of the need for a bed buddy. Shop, go to the gym, walk, clean, pick up a hobby... Remember the expression about idle hands...

4. Groups of Friends are GOOD: Being in the company of others goes a long way to fight the urges -- it's like a built-in support group! Consider having dinners or game nights with others so your calendar is full... And you're not sitting at home looking through the phone book for others to hang out with.

5. Delete, Delete, Delete: The numbers of old flames in your phone book can be such the bad thing, which my pal Laurie can tell you -- or even me. (I mean, check out the "Flings" and "Hook Up" tags for goodness sake!) So, remove them and fight the urge to give them a call after hours... Now that's self-control.

Of course... If you want to get into your own mischief, then this won't apply. :-)

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