Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thoughts: Telephone Courtship

If there's any part of my life I like a little variety in, it's my dating life. I've dated all sorts of men that I've met in all sorts of settings -- which have made for very fun stories (hence, the blog!).

However, at one point, I was going through such a dry spell that I took another route: online dating. Granted, while it's a more normal way of being, I personally still crave the thrill of meeting someone for the first time in person, when a look or a smile sets the gears in motion.

We met earlier this year on line and had a great set of conversations for several weeks. Just talk for hours and hours... And about everything. It just seemed so natural and I would argue that it was intensified because it was on the phone.

Anyway, we met once, had a great time and continued to talk... And talk... And talk... And talk... All on the phone. That was it. Lots of talking, some recycling of conversation.... But just talking. Soon, all we were having were phone conversations. Making plans to meet, mind you. But not actually meeting. Sure, I'd plan, and so would he, but we would ultimately cancel.

He gave me a call today and I started at the phone, confused. It was the first time in quite some time we've played the phone game, so either I was really on his mind or the other lady he may have met (reason for which he probably stopped calling) may have disappeared and he figured he would pick up where we left off.

For me, I think this boils down to something pretty simple: If we were going to move beyond the "Telephone Courtship" we would have, despite work schedules and even some distance (he lives just outside of the city). Well, at least I'd hope so after 9 months.

My Takeaway? When a guy is interested, he'll want more than the sound of my voice to comfort him... And, meeting in person would be sexier than any "phone" I could give him.

Yep, I'd say so. For sure.

I mean, what else does it say when a phone relationship, while wonderful, doesn't go beyond the phone?

Simply put, I'd say that screams "Not Interested." But that's me...

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