Friday, November 6, 2009

More on "After the Talk" (Or DTR)

So, my ever rockin' friend and colleague, Laurie, took some advice provided by HurricanesFan into further consideration, sending me the following note just last night:

...Hurricanes does make some good points, esp about communication. You miss a lot over the phone. Plus, I feel like you have to be in constant communication in order to maintain trust. Otherwise, your mind starts going to all these crazy places and you constantly question his intentions.

His post gave me good insight into what's likely going through his head. He is definitely a rational thinker too- he's an attorney after all. I remember when he called me the night we met and asked me if I would meet him for breakfast. He kept saying "I don't know what I'm doing. This is so not like me to be spontaneous...blah blah blah" My theory is he rode the spontaneity wave for a while because it was new and exciting. Then, the rational part of his brain took over and he realized this was going to be next to impossible.

In a way, Hurricane's post helped me distance myself from the possibility of "us" working out. Still talk to him but just as friends (with the occasional benefit). I just need to move on. Best way to get over a guy, another guy. Maybe that's your next post? :)

Thanks, Laurie. I respect your open mind, and I'm going to have to consider writing something very soon about getting over someone... There are many ways to slice that one.

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