Friday, November 13, 2009

Best Kept Secrets

I grew up in a family with parents that were a little more conservative than most. So, there were many discussions that just didn't happen in my house - especially birds & the bees talks. Or, they were handled with "diplomacy" over something a little looser and more fluid.

In time, I'd say that while I am MUCH better at expressing my thoughts in candid conversations with people, when it comes to things like relationships and dating there are very few with which I really get down to the nitty gritty of it all. And in some ways, I still get bashful telling too much. Some of it has to do with comfort level. And, some of it has to do with how you think another person will react? Do they need to know all this?

Ok, so why the story? Well, this morning I got a call from an old friend, Lisa. We were never tight, but we've recently started reconnecting, which has been nice. Anyway, she gave me quite the rundown of escapades with her flame of the moment -- who, according to her is a "hottie" at 6 foot 4, tan and well-built [Insert giggle here -- how cliche!]. But, I listen because she's a friend and she sounded excited.

Before I knew it, she was getting super descriptive and it was getting harder and harder for me to indulge. She's a great girl, but at that point, I think I knew more about the guy and her experience that I wanted -- or needed -- to know.

I mean, girls talk. Even me. That's just what we do especially when we're excited about a new guy, like Lisa was. But sometimes, I wonder if there's a point when some things should remain under wraps... Like, say, how you use special condiments during intimacy and to what extent. And, if you aren't that close with some of your girls, maybe you may want to spare them the details.

The way I see it, some things (like the special moments between me and my man) I love to be all my own. It's like having a special treat that no one else knows but you. (And him, of course... Which I am sure he'll appreciate, too.)

Besides, it's those very ideas that keep you comfortable in a way that only you can appreciate...

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