Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bedroom Flashblacks

This past weekend, when running to my brunch session with Marisol (which turned into its own session for Sunday's post), I was reminded of just how small the large city of Chicago is when I bumped into Eric, an old fling from a few years ago.

Now, while I alluded to it in a past entry, I never went into much detail about him. Simply put: I took a random, physical event between two colleagues and made it the basis of a relationship that existed only in my mind. It hurts me to think I was this naive about it... But, looking back, I'll admit that I was intoxicated with the idea more than I was with him. And, it was his icy treatment of me after the fact that not only snapped me back into reality, but taught me the true meaning of the "casual encounter."

Anyway, this incident, now five years old, was something I not only accepted, but learned from (And even pulled an Eric or two since then). So, over the years, I learned to not hold a grudge and just appreciate the incident for what it was when it was.

So imagine my surprise when running up the street, I see him walking towards me. I immediately recognized him (I don't forget things like that) and based on the way his face seemed to tense up, I knew that he recognized me too. I was all set to say hi -- but then he flew past me as though we'd never met. Then, I noticed a table with two girls and a guy who had called out to him -- my guess was that one of those young ladies was his girlfriend.

Anyway, I went about my way and didn't give it much of a thought. But, deep down, I was little annoyed that he chose to ignore me. Granted, the chances of seeing him often aren't that great... But there's no harm in being civil either.

What it comes down to: Casual encounters are never really casual. There are always lasting effects. And "weirdness" is just one of them. So I guess it's hard to be friendly after something like that, huh?

Bummer, too. In another life -- had it not been for the whole physical thing -- we may actually have made decent friends. Well, maybe.

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