Thursday, October 29, 2009

Online Profiles = Peacocking?

So, a little while ago, my post on the Confidence Factor sparked a lot of discussion about The Game by Neil Strauss. Since that post I moved mountains to get it. (OK, well not really, but I did go to the library a lot)

[Note: Women, I encourage you to get it. It would put a GREAT deal of perspective when it comes to men on the dating scene, making you hip to the game, and maybe even teach you how to navigate the scene. But I digress.]

While I'm not done with the book (but am VERY amused and plan to TOTALLY delve into that here) I did see something that caught my attention: "Peacocking." In essence, it's the art of dressing yourself up in a way that you stand out to your object of affection.

Think about it. Things that stand out at you draw your attention. And that is ESPECIALLY true of online dating profiles. What catches your eye?

OK Cupid is giving people a chance to tell them just that through its Best Online Dating Profile contest. You can vote for the profile that stands out to you - or maybe even find some faces that make you want to join? Either way, vote for your faves, or feel free to enter it yourself. You never know what you'll find...

Disclaimer: This contest is a co-promotion by and 2ChicksINC and is sponsored by OkCupid.

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