Sunday, May 17, 2009

Could Have, Should Have... The ALMOST Had

One of the things about being a single woman, regardless of age, is finding yourself thinking about what could have been with the one that almost was.  (Insert the "Huh?" here.)

Simply put: The One That Never Quite Was. Sure, they may not have been yours, but you sure wanted them to be. So much you could taste it. And, it seems like there could be potential. But, it never materialized. Same old tale, right?

Yes, sounds familiar, I'm sure... And while I have only had less than a handful of these men in my life, I bumped into one recently while out with a friend. He looked amazing and as he playfully kissed my hand in greeting, flashbacks of fun times in college came flooding back. 

Granted, not much ever really happened. But we did share a couple of kisses over the years in school together that were pretty hot. Oh, YEAH. :-) 

I even stopped by his room to say good bye at the end of a semester only to find he wasn't alone.

Point is, that all the attraction in the world doesn't mean a guy will come running... Nope, not at all. Sometimes those moments are just that - stolen moments. Which means, that's just where the buck is gonna stop. Just like that.

Although I wouldn't mind if I could steal one or two of them back. For times like that? Yeah, that would be worth a whirl. 

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