Friday, April 10, 2009

The Benefits of (Free) Online Dating

So, when you're trying to FIND yourself a love life, it's easy to get lost in that mission. That, of course, I was trying to do while doing everything else (cliffs notes of what else I discovered can be found here)

But, in an effort to change my perpetual single status, I took a chance and delved into online dating -- again. I, like everyone else at some point, tried and other than meet one nice friend, hated it. So I never touched it again.

But, as I found it harder to meet guys to date (nice ones get a little trickier to spot out), I found myself thinking about it. However, I am fundamentally against PAYING for dates. Kind of always has been. Not slighting online dating. BUT, once upon a time, you could MEET people for free. So paying just means we've gotten lazy.

Then, I read a story in Businessweek about free dating sites. So then it made sense - at least I wouldn't lose money. So I did it.

I started talking to a couple of really nice guys. And, I even went out with one! I still talk to him and he's a total sweetie... But I just don't know if he's "all that into me." (*Smile* Keep you posted on that one)

Either way, I haven't given up on dating and meeting The One the old fashioned way. And I think it speaks volumes that the men with potential in my life I've already known...

But, if I need to "pre-screen" future dating options, then online may not be so bad in the meantime. Especially if it's free...

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