Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Got 'Til It's Gone

At some point in our lives, we've all wanted something back. Whether it's that sweater we gave away, the killer weekend out with your friends, or that ex whose lips are even sexier than you recall, we have all craved something back, just to have... Hoping to capture the way it made us feel before.

Sometimes, the feeling ROCKS. It's like a rush to get something back and have the memories take you down a road you thought you'd lost. 

But, what do you do when you let something go for something else, only to realize that you want the first thing back as bad and maybe even in the worst way?

My ex, "C" and I had a relationship filled with awesome chemistry, great conversation, dynamic intimacy... And to me, he was all the things I wanted in a man - a friend, boyfriend and lover. Simply put, it worked - and quite well. However, life took its course, he had an ex with feelings that still lingered, and after a series of startling turns, made a choice: her.

Was I pissed? Of course! This was the buddy and the booty I was losing all in one shot! (smile) However, I moved out of the way and let him pursue what and who he wanted. 

But then when he contacts me - while being with her... Well, then it gets a little sticky (no pun intended there at all). I mean, was it a series of flashbacks? Is something going wrong? Or is it a case of greed? Or, maybe all three?

Whatever the case, this boils down to the fact that sometimes, as much as we WANT to have something back, there's a reason it's gone in the first place. And unless both parties are able to realize that things would be different the second time around... Having it back may not be something that's possible.

Of course, this is excluding hook-ups, and that rarity you may have found your soul mate - both of which would have to be very different entries.

I mean, when is craving an ex ok? (I mean, besides reminiscing about the best sex you've ever had at 2 am when you should be sleeping...) 

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