Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ex Factor

This weekend, I hit the bar scene in my hometown, meeting up with a bunch of friends from my early schooling years. Since I head out there so rarely, I'd invited everyone - even a couple of old flames, although no one I expected to show. However, while out on the scene, the first guy I see across the room immediately caught my eye and I felt my heart stop. For lack of creativity, we'll call him John. Suddenly, I knew the night would be a little more interesting.

Anyway, there he was, standing tall and confident, his lips curved into that same smile that made my heart skip a beat - and turned me into a 16 year old smitten little girl. John was talking up some pretty ladies, and suddenly, I didn't know how to talk to him. Seriously. I mean, I know I invited him, but the security I felt early on in the evening was gone. Just like that. I was older, cuter, more confident, and successful, but yet my feet were frozen in place.

I snapped out of it rather quickly and made my way over. He smiled wider when he saw me, lifting me off the ground and wrapping his arms around me. And for a bit, I felt tingly all over, all the sexual tension we had came rushing back.

He wasn't there too much longer - almost as though he waited for me - but before leaving he laid a soft kiss on my lips with his hands on my hips. What a tease, right?

Chalk it up to the holidays, the desire to reminisce, the desire I had to flirt or the fact that he meant a lot during my teen years, but I couldn't help but feel smitten all over again. I mean, the tension was so sexy...

He's always been about the thrill of the chase, and I am sure, that if I were closer around (than, say, 800 miles away), it wouldn't be quite the same for him. Or would it?

But a girl never forgets it when she's sprung. Or I don't. It doesn't happen too often, after all. :-)

Wish I could say more happened that night. But like my teens, the buck stopped before things ever got very far. Doesn't stop that whole "moth to a flame" thing I feel though.

In the meantime, memories may just have to do - unless he wants to rack up some airline miles on a three day weekend.

There's nothing like the spark of an old flame to excite a girl. :-)