Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Pretty Boy

Here's the truth: One of the types of guys I was attracted to all during my teens was the quintessential pretty boy. You know what I'm talking about: softer features, clean cut... Sometimes, they may even outdress you, or have way too much more style, in which case you'd need to wonder what you bring to the relationship (and that would make him a metrosexual, but that's another conversation).

However, Pretty Boys can be super intimidating, with their style and put togetherness... Not to get all stereotypical, but it can be daunting as heck when your boyfriend, a cutie pie extraordinare, is just too cute... And not necessarily overly put together, but just has the gentlest features that make you wonder if he just needs a girl as pretty as him to kind of balance him out.

I recently bumped into one of my Pretty Boy friends - one I used to pine for because he was pretty it was a little daunting. If I had it together, he had it more together. And with his perfect physique (NO joke), and wide smile with symmetrical features, I felt that he needed the girl version of himself.

Don't get it twisted. I like the way I look. But if he were a girl, I could see myself being a little jealous. (*Insert Smile Here*) I mean how can you not be a little intimidated?

But, at second glance, I realized: any guy that pretty can't be all that perfect. I like my men a little rugged. And then I can bring the cute into it all -- keeping a "Ying Yang" effect on things, if you will - thus maintaining much more of a balance, don't you think?

Open to feedback on this one. Haven't delved into this one nearly enough yet.


  1. As a black man, I question the metrosexuals out there. I think no man should be putting THAT much work into their appearance. Cats that get manicures & pedicures make me cringe. *shakes head*

    Seems like there should be more pressing things to deal with or occupying a man's mind. Plus, it's not that hard to look presentable as a man. lol

  2. Maybe we can agree that at least a little upkeep is important? After all, wouldn't you want your lady to be on point? :-)

  3. I am all for upkeep. Please don't get me wrong! lol I just leave the pampering to the women. I would love my lady to look on point, but frankly if they look too flashy or wrapped up in the materialistic things its a turn off for me and a tad intimidating.

    If she looks fine that is intimidating enough, but she can look like she wouldn't be my type as well. She may not be materialist, but if she is looks too "on point", she maybe wearing the "uniform" of a superficial woman.

    But even more important than that. I prefer that women don't necessarily look like they are on their way to the club or on a manhunt, because when a woman is dressed like today is just another day it's the best indicator of who she really is. I'm not seeing her "representative". This is the closest version of the woman I will hopefully wake up next to 6 months or 6 years from now.