Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Affection

What IS it about the holidays that gets people all warm and fuzzy? Maybe it's the cold outside, or that warm feeling of togetherness... But holidays in general get people all wound up.

I know I've been the victim of this warm feeling that the holidays cause. Starting with Thanksgiving and spilling through the New Year, you can't help but want someone by your side to keep you warm during the nights, or to bring home while your family embarrasses you!

Now, my family is intense and I'm not craving the possibility of bringing someone into that. However, I have to admit, the sight of all things related to the holiday make me all warm and fuzzy inside. I would say that for me, the feeling started right after Halloween and will go away on January 2. :-)

But then there's the chance to meet a bunch of other fun singles to start of the new year, isn't there?

I guess there ARE ups to this whole thing.

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