Monday, October 27, 2008

Disappearing Acts

Lots of things disappear: I know I did for a bit (due to the seasons changing, under the weather, and recovery), but that's over for now. My sincerest apologies that I've been behind on my soapbox chatter, but rest assured, I have enough fuel to keep me going.

That said, I want to immediately flip the script to the concept of disappearing when it comes to people.

Sometimes, it just seems much easier to up and vanish as opposed to transitioning out of a relationship you may have with someone. Friendship, relationship, whatever.

I have friends that vanish and reappear -- very "here today, gone tomorrow." Not ones I consider steady friends, so I don't sweat it.

And this is no less when it comes to dating: Men that seem to be working out great when they pull a disappearance that would have made Houdini's head spin.

I won't use this space to rant out the particulars. But, I don't get it when people do that and leave someone hanging. I admit to having disappeared on a man or two in my past. However, since I HATE how it felt when it was done to me I switched it up - and started being straight up when I wasn't into something or someone. Why play the game and have people wonder?

Point here is quite simple: Don't underestimate people. Try honesty. You're doing everyone a favor.

Think about a time you disappeared. Was it worth it? Why was it better to do that?

Whatever your reason, it couldn't have been so bad that you couldn't say something. Could it have?

Damn this whole fear thing. It really gets in the way.

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