Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night Bars

So, I made the horrible mistake of going out to the bar in my area. Sure, it was a Friday night, but I'm so over it, and besides -- going to bars is no way to spend good money. Give me a nice pair of shoes, nice wine or great meal ANY day. I actually went out with the intention of seeing a neighbor and friend at a party of hers. I never made it there, because of how lousy the bar scene was, and how drunk my friend had gotten before we had a chance to make it there. But we won't go there.

Anyway, the scene was as I expected: a large college party with guys trolling the scenes and girls shimmying up to get the guys to notice. Sigh.

Now, what blows my mind is what some women do to get attention: dancing on top of the guy, or on top of their girlfriends to get their attention just to feed any male fantasy? Don't get it twisted - dancing with your girls is fine. But often you can tell when it's just a bit much.

Anyway, I met a group of guys that kept talking to me, with one of their friends reminding me of guys I met in the past. One of them, "Derek" bought us beers (even though he'd asked what I liked, and got me another instead) and my friend and I chatted with him and his friend "Sam". Derek also kept sticking his ass out at me to grab it, which was, well... Idiotic, I'd say? I guess it was an awkward attempt to get at me, and his wingman, Sam, was talking to my friend. However, it appears that Sam may have just been doing his job until Derek seemed settled. He promptly disappeared to hang out with a girl in their extended group.

Within 5 minutes of meeting us, Derek invited us to his house the next afternoon to hang out. He'd be watching some games with his buddies, and he wanted to invite "gorgeous women" over to his place.

Later, Derek kept reciting his address, and asking if we'd go. By the time I managed to peel my friend out of the bar, I'd rolled my eyes. He'd "invited" us, yes, but the chances that he'd remember are slim to none if we factor how much drinking he may have done.

And, well... It seems LAZY that as opposed to asking for a phone number, he'd give an address and expect us to find our way over. It's like the boys in college that invite you to the frat house for "the biggest party ever" when you realize it's their efforts to admire a plethora of women.

In any case, it's Saturday morning, and I have to laugh it off. But man, staying on my couch with a glass of wine and movie seems SO much sexier!


  1. chica, you need to read, "the game" ( in order to start decoding some of this male bs.

    although reading it has made me entirely TOO paranoid when i go out and a guy talks to me, it has also helped me to think about the way males interact with females.

  2. I think that Derek needs to read The Game, his strategy doesn't seem very effective.