Sunday, August 24, 2008

She Says: Watch for The Golden Band

So -- in this case I saw why I got the digits. Turns out the cutie that captured my eye wanted to take a minute on the phone, after a fun night of chatter, to tell me how unavailable he was. As in, he's married.

I admittedly didn't stare at his fingers from across the room nor did I stare at them when he gave me his phone number, hands at his side. No, I saw a guy flirting with me, and I did it back.

Now even though this is a prime example to check for the ring, it does worry me a little he didn't think to squelch the situation that night. Nothing happened... But I would be tripped out if my husband did it.

And the crazy thing is he's not the first... One married man (who had no band when I met him) had the nerve to kiss me and then share the fact that he was married.

A gal's gotta wonder: If golden bands mean less, how can you feel confident that he won't buckle to temptation? A little creepy to think that the commitment thing means a little less...

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